Environmental Earth Systems Science (E2S2) is an Undergraduate course that was launched in AY2014/2015. It is offered by the Asian School of the Environment (ASE) in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), which was founded in 2011 as the academic arm of the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS).

E2S2 is an interdisciplinary undergraduate programme where students learn to apply knowledge gained from the core sciences and humanities to real world problems. Students will chose their specialisations from either of the 3 listed below in their 2nd year:

1. Geosciences
2. Society & Earth Systems
3. Ecology

While this course is certainly demanding, our friendly and approachable faculty members will be more than happy to guide you along this exciting journey. Of course, expect also to learn and discover a ton from the sharing of their experiences and the research work that our faculty members undertake.

The numerous opportunities to do fieldwork allows you to apply classroom knowledge to the field. Most importantly, the skills and knowledge that you will gain from our undergraduate programme will definitely be relevant to you – especially if you want to make a difference in the world today!

For more information on the Bachelor’s degree programme & curriculum, or the EOS, please visit the following webpages:
ASE webpage / Earth Observatory of Singapore